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Jobs is ready to support its customers worldwide through a network of branches, authorized service centres and FFG Group partners to quickly solve any problem, even in the most critical conditions


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Always close to you

To ensure the value of your investment, Jobs stands by you throughout the entire life of the product with a wide range of after-sales services and advanced solutions for a customized technological support

After-sales services



  • Hot Line team for effective free of charge phone support worldwide
  • Hubs located in Europe, Asia, and the United States to allow worldwide coverage
  • Skilled technicians with proven experience to ensure fast and effective service on site


  • Preventive and predictive maintenance to maintain the life and productivity of machinery and recognize potential problems before they become serious and unfixable.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance jointly conducted by manufacturer and user to preserve the plant from early wear and tear.
  • Specific scheduled maintenance on demand or turnkey service contracts to allow the user to focus exclusively on production issues
Spare parts

Spare parts

  • Spare parts warehouse with over 50000 items and wide availability even for older models
  • Worldwide shipping within the first working day after request receipt
  • Quality certified by the manufacturer
Head & spindle service

Head & spindle service

Distinct options available in case of failure:
  • Repair of the failure
  • Purchase of a new spindle or new head for immediate replacement
  • Spare head to ensure continuity of production
  • Quick spindle replacement program (Spindle Hotel):
    • two-year contract
    • monthly fee
    • reconditioned spindle available within 24/48 hours (in Europe)
Retrofitting and relocation

Retrofitting and relocation

  • Equipment upgrades to meet new productivity and efficiency requirements
  • Equipment relocation to new areas in an acceptable timeframe with guaranteed results
Teleservice and remote diagnosis

Teleservice and remote diagnosis

Thanks to the remote connection to the plant in real time we can guarantee:

  • fault detection and in-depth analysis
  • software updates
  • vibration and spindle axis dynamics analysis

Advanced services

Real-time analysis

Real-time analysis

  • Remote connection using high-definition camera and augmented reality
  • Remote intervention of the specialist who indicates to the technician on site where to intervene
  • Real-time display of the indications provided by the expert on the field technician's device
Technological support

Technological support

  • Thanks to the extensive experience acquired in the aeronautical field, we can design and manufacture automated fixture & tooling to optimize the production capacity of the plants and the efficiency of machining operations
  • For an advanced production engineering we can provide:
    • support for development, modification, optimization of working cycles
    • development and testing of NC programs optimized for type of plant and machinings
    • study and processing of new machining methodologies and integrated measurement for new and/or existing plants
  • We can assure a qualified support to production, from start-up support to the production of the first series up to the product certification
Big data e Analytics

Big data e Analytics

  • IIOT solutions for the analysis of machine performance data and remote diagnostics of critical issues to increase and improve productivity
  • Remote production and operation data recording on a dedicated and protected server for statistical analysis and identification of areas of improvement both in terms of programming/processing and in the operation of the plant itself.
Second hand market

Second hand market

  • Marketing and sale of second-hand machinery
  • Revamping with manufacturer warranty to give new life to plants, machinery, and regenerated spare parts